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Canada's Premier Cleantech Destination

85 acres of possibility... designed for innovation.

At Cleantech Commons research park at Trent University, we are creating a hub for collaborative research, innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship of clean, green, low- and zero-carbon, sustainable, environmental, and circular economy technologies. By building a cluster of scalable growth companies, startups, spinout ventures, and corporate accelerators & “innovation outposts” - all supported by incubation and business acceleration programming, mentorship, and expert business, professional, and value-adding services - we are developing the perfect location for both startup ventures and established businesses to connect with students, academic faculty, and researchers. Cleantech Commons is a place that encourages all to share their best ideas and collaborate to address climate, energy, and environmental challenges by translating collaborative research outcomes into green innovations, new products, commercial services, and practical solutions for the global market. Sound interesting? Read more here. Connect to our virtual front desk here!

Discover Cleantech Commons

Offering a picturesque location on the main campus of Trent University, Cleantech Commons™ brings together academic and business partners driving innovation in clean, green, low-carbon, sustainable, and circular economy technologies, water technologies, contaminant analysis, agro-biotechnology and biomaterials. See “Building the foundations for a cluster of clean innovation”.

Providing Tenants a Picturesque Location

With approximately 1,400 acres of land situated on the banks of the Otonabee River and over 30 kilometres of nature trails, Trent University boasts one of Canada’s most picturesque university campuses. The combination of lush forest, drumlins, streams, and open fields provides a unique learning and recreational environment that is used by students, faculty, and staff and is fully accessible by members of the Cleantech Commons community. See “Cleantech Commons: a picturesque location adjacent to the main campus of Trent University”.

Offering Tenants a Unique Value proposition

Taking advantage of this unique location, Cleantech Commons is a Trent University-affiliated Research and Technology Park. We are designed to help generate, attract and retain science-based technology companies and talent aligned with our research partners (including universities and public, private and federal research facilities). See: “Research at Trent University.”

Cleantech Commons is all about enabling the flow of ideas between the generators of new innovation (such as universities, colleges, federal labs, and non-profit R&D institutions), and companies located both at our Research Park and in our surrounding region. View Our Master Plan [20MB PDF]

Elevating the Student Experience

In the process, we aim to elevate the overall student experience by providing experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students and employment for graduates; while also enhancing student and youth entrepreneurship efforts.

Together, these factors will contribute to the Peterborough region becoming a more attractive and competitive knowledge economy and science-based community – where people choose to live, create jobs, seek employment, raise families, participate in civic life, and age and retire.

Our Sectors of Strength


Trent University has one of the largest Environmental & Life Sciences graduate programs in Canada with over 175 grad students per year – a huge source of market-ready graduates for full-time work or students looking for co-op programs and undergraduate student internships.

  Water Technologies

Peterborough & the Kawarthas is home to innovative minds and startups that are changing the way that communities across Canada and throughout the world think about wastewater management. At Cleantech Commons you are in good company to problem solve.


With over 100,000 hectares of prime agricultural land, programming at Trent University and Fleming College that focuses on sustainable agriculture, food systems, as well as culinary management, the region is well-poised to continue to lead the way into the future of agriculture.


Cleantech Commons tenants will be able to tap into the wealth of research assets at Trent University, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and Fleming College – institutions that are home to highly-specialized expertise and infrastructure in water, contaminant analysis, agri-food and biomaterials.

Thoughtfully located

A quick drive to downtown Toronto

Easily accessible from downtown Ottawa

Linked closely to the U.S. market


The Cleantech Commons Management Committee

Dr. Cathy Bruce: Vice President, Research & Innovation, Trent University

Julie Davis: Vice President, External Relations & Development, Trent University

Michael Papadacos: Commissioner, Infrastructure & Planning Services, City of Peterborough

Jasbir Raina: Chief Administrative Officer, City of Peterborough