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Cleantech Commons and GreenCentre Canada Ink Partnership Deal

New Partnership will Accelerate Sustainable Chemistry Solutions and Support Canadian Innovators

Cleantech Commons and GreenCentre Canada have signed a partnership deal designed to accelerate the development of innovative, green, and sustainable solutions that address large energy, environmental, and climate challenges.

Cleantech Commons executive director, Martin Yuill (left), and Greencentre Canada CEO, Andrew Pasternak, celebrate their new partnership at the Ontario Centre of Innovation AGM in Toronto.

This new partnership will see Cleantech Commons and GreenCentre Canada working together to identify opportunities to jointly support the development, testing, piloting, and scaling of innovative clean technology products, processes, and solutions that directly address some of today’s most complex and pressing environmental and societal challenges.

The two organizations share a mission to support start-ups and early-stage Canadian companies in the clean technology sector.

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Partnering is key to adding value to emerging cleantech companies,” says Martin Yuill, Cleantech Commons executive director.

“By collaborating with sector experts such as GreenCentre Canada we are able to increase our support to current clients, to future Cleantech Commons tenants, as well as to faculty, students, and researchers looking to increase the impact of their research in the market.”

“Through such partnerships,” says Yuill, “we are creating a more robust clean technology ecosystem in which academic and entrepreneurial collaboration is able to drive discovery and innovation for a greener future.”

See “New Cleantech Commons Partnership Set to Accelerate Sustainable Chemistry Solutions.

According to Dr. Andrew Pasternak, Executive Director at GreenCentre Canada, “GreenCentre is pleased to work with Cleantech Commons to assist innovative Canadian companies in the cleantech sector.”

GreenCentre’s team of talented scientists, our laboratories, and our sector expertise are highly complementary to the resources and facilities being created at Cleantech Commons.”

He envisions the two organizations working closely together to dramatically accelerate the time to market for Canadian cleantech companies.

With its goal of accelerating promising chemistry solutions that advance both the economy and the environment, GreenCentre’s research and development services, expertise, and well-equipped laboratory facilities allow them to meet client needs from discovery to scale-up.

GreenCentre Canada serves small companies, entrepreneurs, academic start-ups, and large and medium-sized corporations.

Innovation for a Net-Zero Future

Our partnership with GreenCentre Canada will enable us to offer targeted business acceleration services to our clients to support the development of technologies that will help move us closer to a net-zero future and generate sustainable, high-value cleantech jobs for Canada,” Yuill tells us.

In addition to a suite of business acceleration services, Cleantech Commons will also provide incubation programming, experiential learning opportunities, and co-working spaces for aspiring student entrepreneurs, as well as commercialization training for researchers.

These value-added services will be offered through the Trent Enterprise Centre, a startup and spin-out support facility for up-and-coming new cleantech ventures.

The combination of value-added business support, advisory and mentorship services, and entrepreneurship programming will give Trent students the opportunity to end their time at university with more than just a degree,” says Yuill.

They will also be able to develop the skills required to be a cleantech entrepreneur, acquire marketable skills that will give them an edge in a competitive job market, and potentially even create a startup venture of their own.

About GreenCentre Canada

GreenCentre Canada’s mission is to support the growth of chemical and materials start-ups, SMEs, and multinationals by transforming their innovations into valued products, processes, and services. GreenCentre provides scientific services to meaningfully impact the speed to market of next-generation sustainable products and processes for their clients. Their talented team, well-equipped lab facilities, and vast network of innovators, industry leaders, service providers, and investors set GreenCentre apart globally. Visit

About Cleantech Commons

A partnership between Trent University and the City of Peterborough, Cleantech Commons at Trent University is being developed as Canada’s premier green technology research and innovation hub, bringing together Trent’s world-class researchers, laboratories, and facilities with entrepreneurs, business, and government partners to accelerate clean, green, low carbon, and sustainable technology solutions that address global energy, environmental and climate challenges. Cleantech Commons serves as a point of convergence for academic and business partners, accelerating the design, development, testing, piloting, and scaling of a range of clean technology advancements. Visit