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Cleantech Commons at Trent University – “a community of cutting-edge cleantech innovation”

Cleantech Commons Research Park: positively impacting the future – a community where innovation flourishes. Where creative collaborations begin. Where life-long partnerships are created.

As the world transitions to a clean growth economy, Peterborough, Ontario is set to contribute to that shift.

Cleantech Commons at Trent University: Canada’s Research and Technology Park, a Canadian hub focused exclusively on clean, green, low-carbon technology research, innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship.

Peterborough is home to rich natural resources, leading educational institutions, and a well-equipped business and innovation landscape.

The community is also home to world-class research facilities that are partnering with cleantech businesses and start-ups to drive next-generation research and support green commercialization.

This includes Trent University and Fleming College, and within a short drive, Ontario Tech University.

Leading the growth of the local clean technology scene is Cleantech Commons, a new 85-acre clean technology-focused research and innovation park” – says Perspective Magazine.

Offering a picturesque location on the main campus of Trent University along the banks of the Otonabee River, Cleantech Commons affords access to some 1,400 acres of land and over 30 kilometres of nature trails. Trent University boasts one of Canada’s most picturesque campuses.

Located on the main campus of Trent University, Cleantech Commons is intentionally designed to be a point of convergence for academic and industry partners focused on clean, green, sustainable, circular economy, and zero-carbon technology research, innovation, commercialization & entrepreneurship.

With an urban design that intentionally boosts collaboration between private businesses and the academic, research, and student communities, Cleantech Commons is about helping move cutting-edge new technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Peterborough already offers a variety of cleantech programming from local and nearby educational institutions.

In addition to offering top programming, local educational institutions are key players in various innovative projects and incubator programs that support the growth of the sector.

Tenants at Cleantech Commons will have access to neighbouring Trent University’s researchers, students and facilities, including the Trent School of the Environment, Water Quality Centre, Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research, Inorganic Materials Research Laboratory and the Emery Lab.

Trent University

Trent University, for example, has one of the largest Environmental & Life Sciences graduate programs in Canada, with over 175 students graduating per year. This provides a huge source of market-ready graduates for full-time work or students looking for co-op programs and undergraduate student internships.

Trent’s Environmental & Life Sciences program is one of the oldest thesis research-based environmental graduate programs in Canada, and one of the top programs of its type in the country. 94% of its students obtain employment 6 months to 1 year after graduation.

The university houses several Environmental & Life science Research Centres which provide opportunities for students to undertake research using 14 world-class facilities.

Trent University is also a key partner in several innovative projects pushing the envelope in cleantech innovation.

These include the Cleantech Commons research park, The Cube business incubator, and the Trent Makerspace, a lab facility for cleantech companies to produce, test, and commercialize IP-based products.

Fleming College

Fleming College’s School of Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences and School of Trades and Technology offers unique programming such as an environmental technician diploma and advanced water systems operations and management certificates. Many programs offer part-time and/ or co-op options.

The Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies at Fleming College’s Frost Campus

The College’s internationally recognized Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies is a world-renowned institute for alternative wastewater treatment expertise, research, and resources.

CAWT provides applied research and technology development services to the private sector, government and non-governmental agencies, and universities, as well as Water Operator and Wastewater Operator Training for students.

Cleantech Commons Research Park

Operating in this exciting collaborative ecosystem, Cleantech Commons is about supporting opportunities that will positively impact the future.

That includes creating a hub that enables students, academics, entrepreneurs, and businesses to explore new ideas, develop prototype designs, and pilot and launch new impactful cleantech products and services.

The research park is a place for industry to work alongside Trent’s researchers and students to explore practical solutions to global energy, environmental, and climate challenges.

Working with Trent University’s chemistry department, Carbonix has developed a proprietary process that can convert large amounts of petroleum coke and boiler char – previously considered waste byproducts – into activated carbon.

Offering value-adding services, specialized facilities, professional service expertise, mentorship, incubation programming, experiential learning opportunities, co-working spaces for aspiring student entrepreneurs, and commercialization coaching for researchers, Cleantech Commons helps translate and transition cutting-edge research breakthroughs to the global market: turning research into practical applications and commercial outcomes, enhancing economic growth and social impact, tackling pressing societal challenges, and shaping the green economy of the future.

Cleantech Commons is a community where innovation flourishes. Where creativecollaborations begin. Where life-long partnerships are created.

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