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Cleantech Commons Community – join the UPPlift ecosystem: bringing together companies, cities & global tech leaders to support smart technology adoption & growth

Calling all Cleantech and Smart City/ Technology Innovators!

Are you looking for opportunities to connect with new customers, deploy your technology solution and verify its performance?

Well, this is your opportunity to join the UPPlift® ecosystem for free!

Through our relationship with the UPPlift® platform, created by Urban Living Futures, which brings together private sector companies, city authorities, and global technology leaders to support smart city technology adoption and growth, the Cleantech Commons community of innovators and entrepreneurs has this opportunity to be part of the UPPlift ecosystem.

By joining:

    1. You receive early access to calls for innovations through the UPPlift platform giving you new opportunities for piloting, pitching, procurement and investment.
    2. Your Company Profile is stored in the Urban:ID (Urban Innovation Database) for future calls for innovation, which accelerates the application process.
    3. Your Company Profile is updatable at any time, enabling you to share your progress and growth.
    4. Your achievements such as pilots, case studies, and performance reports, are stored in the Urban:ID, adding more value to your profile.
    5. Once you pilot, UPPlift provides third-party validation of solutions through their measurement and verification function.


Join today. It’s free for members of the Cleantech Commons community!

UPPlift is an urban pilot platform. It is designed to identify innovations and facilitate live demonstrations of technologies that solve challenges in the built environment and ensure asset owners and managers achieve operational savings, improved resilience and enhanced user experience.

Want to learn more – watch the video below…

About Urban Living Futures

Urban Living Futures Inc. designs and delivers innovation tools and initiatives connecting cities and industries with emergent smart technology solutions to increase resource and operational efficiency and enhance user experience.