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“Cleantech Innovation Portal” innovator, Noblegen, a QUORN Innovation Challenge Finalist

Cleantech Commons “Cleantech Innovation Portal” innovator, and a “Future Cleantech Commons™ Tenant”, Noblegen’s work with euglena was recognized internationally during the QUORN Foods Innovation Challenge at the 2021 Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins Summit.

QUORN put a call out to start-ups that are leveraging technology to create realistic whole muscle shapes, textures, and flavors, and Noblegen was one of three finalists.

You can check out the full story and watch the Talking Plant Protein interview with Noblegen’s Hugh Williams here!

Williams tells TPP that “Noblegen’s Euglena technology represents really a unique value proposition.”

Noblegen, Williams says, is “leveraging a microorganism that’s 1.6 billion years old, from the time before plants and animals genetically split. And so, as a result, we have the uniqueness of really the best of both worlds in terms of plant and animal characteristics.”

According to Williams, Euglena contains the complete amino acid profile and equivalent protein digestibility of animal protein, but it’s a single cell micro-organism without a nervous system, so it’s actually classified as vegan. It’s also non-GMO, it’s free of gluten or any major allergens unlike soy and some other plant proteins. And because it’s grown in fermentation tanks, it also represents best-in-class sustainability in terms of greenhouse gases, land and water usage, and it doesn’t have any of the negative repercussions of monoculture.

“[These] innate characteristics, combined with a robust product pipeline across vegan meat and dairy products makes Noblegen an appealing partner for food manufacturers,” Williams says.

You can watch the full interview here!