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“Cleantech Innovation Portal” innovator, Noblegen, designated a “Food Tech Company To Watch in 2021”

Food Navigator, which provides news & analysis on food & beverage development, has identified a “Future Cleantech Commons™ Tenant,Noblegen, as one of its “Food Tech Company To Watch in 2021“.

Noblegen is an advanced nutritional ingredient company, Read the full Food Navigator story here!

Disclosure: Noblegen is registered on our Cleantech Innovation Portal. You can join Noblegen on the portal by registering your cleantech innovation here.

Adam Noble, CEO and Founder of Noblegen

The Food Navigator list of “companies to watch” includes what it describes as “a flurry of startups using microbes – instead of plants or animals – to produce proteins, to AI-driven platforms exploring ‘the dark matter of nutrition,’ and real honey produced without bees.

Food Navigator identifies Noblegen’s vegan whole egg replacement, which features protein from an ‘ancient micro-organism’, as a product to watch in 2021.

The product is named, “the egg”, and it’s exclusively available on Noblegen’s Eunite™ website. (Learn more about “the egg.” here!)

The amazing thing about ‘the egg’ is that we’ve been able to use it in so many different applications,” Adam Noble, CEO and Founder of Noblegen, told us.

“It has successfully replaced eggs in vegan pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, quiches, and even a chocolate cake. No other plant-based egg scramble can also be used to functionally replace chicken eggs in a cake, ‘the egg’ can.”

Watch the video: Noblegen uses algae to make flour that’s turned into plant-based eggs.

About Noblegen
Noblegen is an advanced nutritional ingredients company that makes unique protein, carbohydrate, and oil ingredients from a single microorganism called Euglena gracilis. Noblegen, founded in 2013, is dedicated to increasing global accessibility of sustainably produced, healthy ingredients. The company currently employs over 80 people at its Peterborough, Ontario location. To request a sample of our Protein-Rich Euglena Flour or Euglena Beta-Glucan Isolate visit

About Eunite™
Eunite™ (pronounced “you-nite”), established in 2019, is the food and ingredient brand for Noblegen. All of Noblegen’s ingredients and food products will fall under the Eunite™ brand. Eunite™ is an idea. It is a movement. It is a chance to change the way we think about food. Eunite™ gives the consumer an opportunity to push back against the traditional food industry as we know it today. We’re euniting people that want to take a stand and make a difference. Join the movement. Eunite™ the people. Eunite™ the planet. Eunite™ with us.