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Happy New Year to the Cleantech Commons Community

At the start of this new – and hopefully “improved” – year, we would like to take a moment to thank our entire community for your continued interest in, and support for, all things Cleantech Commons™.

We greatly appreciate all your engagement, enthusiasm, and energy over the course of 2020; and deeply value the thoughtful suggestions and contributions that so many members of the Cleantech Commons family have made.

Located adjacent to the Trent University campus, Cleantech Commons is designed to meet the needs of Canada’s emerging cleantech innovators and entrepreneurs, leads in sustainable design and is well connected to the City and Region in which we are located.

All of this is helping to fashion a better research park, make us more responsive to the needs of the cleantech community, and create a more connected innovation community that is not only thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of Canada’s emerging cleantech innovators and entrepreneurs, but is also fully integrated with the Trent University campus, encourages social interaction and collaboration, leads in sustainable design, and is well connected to the City and Region in which we are located.

It is helping us design for tomorrow, today – to achieve our long-term goal of generating, attracting, and retaining leading science, environmental, and clean technology companies and talent: the very folks who are innovating, creating, commercializing, and operating in one of the most vibrant, sustainable, forward-looking, and fastest-growing sectors of the economy.

In early 2021 we will announce some exciting new partnerships and aim to conclude negotiations around our first multi-tenant commercial building, which will include the Trent Enterprise Centre: a startup and spin-out support facility and accelerator centre for up-and-coming new cleantech ventures.

TEC will be the only clean-technology accelerator in Canada with both shared laboratories and pilot facilities to support clean-tech startups, business growth and commercialization, helping make Peterborough a desirable location for scalable and growth-orientated next-generation ventures and clean-tech entrepreneurs.

The Trent Enterprise Centre at Cleantech Commons will generate experiential learning and future employment opportunities for students; will create science-based jobs for our community; and will provide value-adding services to student, faculty, research and industry tenants.

Located at the very heart of Cleantech Commons, the Enterprise Centre will enable us to shape the research park into a much more integrated and vibrant community of cleantech innovation – one that brings together business with entrepreneurs, academia, students, and the research community to create clean, green, and low-carbon solutions to the most pressing and complex global energy, environment, and climate challenges.

It is these technologies that will help move us closer to a net-zero future and will generate sustainable high-value cleantech jobs for our region and for our country.

2021 is set to be an exciting year for Cleantech Commons – and I am delighted that you have chosen to be part of our journey.

Thank you so much for all your support to date. We encourage you to remain fully engaged with us in the year ahead – in person, electronically, or via the various online social channels.

Please also continue to refer any potential tenants, possible leads, or future partners our way, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us direct at any time, for any reason…

With every best wish to you and yours for 2021.