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Helping Innovators have a say on Technology Adoption in Canadian Construction

Recently, we launched the Cleantech Commons Cleantech Innovation Portal in partnership with UPPLift – an urban platform that identifies innovations and facilitates live demonstrations of technologies that help resolve challenges in the built environment.

See: Linking Clean Technology Innovators to Investors and Customers to Accelerate Impact“.

Our goal is to help Canadian ventures in the cleantech sector play a leading role in the economic recovery and attract clients and investors faster.

As a Cleantech Innovation Portal company, we are pleased to tell you about a new initiative from our friends at The Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship.

They are calling on innovators with construction technologies for short interviews.

Brookfield seeks to understand, from the innovator’s perspective, what factors contribute to your prospective customers adopting technology, and the primary challenges found in the adoption processes.

Innovators: your voice will be heard and your insights will feed into policy around technology adoption and the digital maturity of firms as well as skills demand!

If you prefer to remain anonymous, no problem – that will be honoured! Otherwise, you can opt to be featured in the report’s acknowledgments, and there is potential for a future story highlighting your innovation. It’s a great opportunity to put your venture in front of prospective customers!

If you are a Canadian Innovator in the Construction Sector, sign in to your Cleantech Innovation Portal profile to view this opportunity in your dashboard and to engage with Brookfield.

If you don’t yet have a profile, it’s not too late! Register here to view this and other opportunities for the innovation community…