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MATCH-ER International Open Innovation Program seeking green solutions

Our friends at the Canadian Embassy to Rome, Italy (The Trade Commissioner Service) have developed a strong relationship with ART-ER, the innovation and internationalization promotion agency of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy.

Emilia-Romagna is one of the most dynamic regions in the country and offers a strong ecosystem of startups, successful large companies, research institutions, and universities.

One of ART-ER’s signature initiatives is the MATCH-ER International Open Innovation Program which aims to match promising startups & scaleups with well-established Emilia-Romagna-based corporations. This year’s theme is Green New Deal, aimed at supporting the EU’s green ambitions.

The Program objective is to select startups and scaleups that can collaborate to:

  • decrease climatic impact,
  • jointly create a solution that strengthens more sustainable businesses, or
  • create new businesses for the future with a focus on green impact.


The work between the applicant and the European partner can be either an application of an existing solution or the co-creation of a new tailored solution.

To participate, applicants must submit their application through the official Website. The deadline for applications is November 30th, 2021 at 13.00 Central European Time. Note that selection and matchmaking can occur before the deadline, so applying earlier is advantageous.

This year’s challenges focus on the following themes:

Green materials:

  • Materials for logistic & retail packaging;
  • Materials for food packaging and accessories;
  • Materials for waterproofing of dams;
  • Materials for outdoor power equipment;
  • Innovative and sustainable solutions for building flooring.


Digital processes & smart monitoring:

  • IoT solutions for industrial machinery;
  • IoT solutions for collective catering;
  • Advanced sensors for water analysis;
  • Carbon footprint live auditing solutions for dairy barns;
  • BIM solutions for standardization of production process;


Greener production & technologies:

  • Innovative predictive maintenance solutions;
  • Innovative laying techniques for sloped surfaces;
  • Autonomous navigation systems for outdoor and indoor power equipment;
  • New surface coating technologies for oleodynamic applications;
  • 3D printing technologies for industrial plants;
  • New physical scanning technologies;
  • Agro-energy technologies;
  • Materials for very high-pressure application;
  • Innovative hydrogen and oxygen-based solutions.


Further details can be obtained direct from Matthew Kalisz, First Secretary (Commercial), Embassy of Canada – Rome (Italy):