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“People of the Portal”: Ayrton Energy CEO named as a “Canadian tech entrepreneur to watch in 2024”

In our “People of the Portal” series, we highlight innovative and entrepreneurial members of the Cleantech Commons Cleantech Innovation Portal and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Portal members.

This week, we are delighted to let you know that the CEO of a Cleantech Commons Cleantech Innovation Portal client, Ayrton Energy, has been named as one of the “Eleven Canadian tech entrepreneurs to watch in 2024” by the Toronto Star. Congratulations Natasha Kostenuk!

Ayrton’s technology enables the safe, efficient delivery of hydrogen and paves the way for a hydrogen future. You can watch Ayrton’s “Escalator Pitch” on “X” right here!

Natasha Kostenuk, Founder and CEO of Ayrton Energy.

One of the biggest challenges in scaling clean hydrogen solutions is safely transporting and storing the energy. This is what inspired Natasha to found Ayrton Energy.

The Calgary company’s liquid organic hydrogen carrier allows hydrogen to be stored as a liquid, no different than diesel or gasoline. That means hydrogen can be transported over long distances by trucks, trains and pipelines, without the need for pressurization or cryogenics. Upon arriving at its destination, the hydrogen can be securely stored until it’s ready to be used.

Ayrton’s hydrogen storage technology can be used to remotely power telecommunications operations and is a clean-energy alternative for diesel generator–reliant facilities like data centres.

We closed our first fundraise in March of last year, which allowed us to triple the size of our team, file new IP and really speed up our tech development,” Kostenuk told the Toronto Star.

This year, Ayrton Energy is working to close its second fundraising round and launch two major pilot projects: one in Alberta, and the other in Europe.

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