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“People of the Portal”: Chaoticwaters efficiently restores contaminated waters

Our friends at OCTIA – the Ontario Clean Technology Industry Association – of which Cleantech Commons is proudly a member, recently profiled one of our “Cleantech Innovation Portal” clients, Chaoticwaters Inc.

Chaoticwaters Inc. President & CEO Aaron Morrison

OCTIA interviewed President & CEO Aaron MorrisonYou can read that full interview here!

Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Chaoticwaters Inc. has developed a highly energy-efficient method of treating contaminated waters and restoring them back to health.

Morrison says they have developed a high-efficiency, low-cost, environmentally sustainable and portable wastewater treatment plant.

Chaoticwaters Inc. just finished a successful two-year pilot project of their latest portable unit design.

Depending on the influent, the new design allows us to process up to 720K GPD in a very small footprint (3′ X 6′ X 7′ tall), with more units added if greater volume is needed. At the same time, our technology uses 95%+ less energy than conventional treatment methods – without chemicals or filters,” Morrison tells OCTIA.

The company is currently building a direct awareness campaign targeted at the end users of their technology.

The campaign is focused on highlighting the benefits of working together to improve SDG and ESG targets and outlines how to achieve those goals while substantially reducing overall operating costs.

Chaoticwaters Inc. is a self-funded venture.

Want to learn more? Any company looking to maximize their wastewater treatment efficiencies is welcome to contact Aaron for more information: Aaron Morrison, President & CEO, Chaotic Waters Inc.,, Tel: (416) 845-5959.

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