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“People of the Portal”: Cypher Environmental named a “Clean50 2024 Top Project” Winner

In our “People of the Portal” series, we highlight innovative and entrepreneurial members of the Cleantech Commons Cleantech Innovation Portal and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Portal members.

This week, we are delighted to let you know that a Cleantech Commons Cleantech Innovation Portal client, Cypher Environmental, has been recognized as one of Canada’s “Clean50 2024 Top Project” winners. Read more here!

Cypher Environmental, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a leading global environmental solution provider for dust control and road stabilization. Their core focus is on developing 100% environmentally friendly dust control and soil stabilization products that help solve environmental challenges such as dust and poor road quality.

The company’s Cypher Green Roads initiative has been recognized by Canada’s Clean50 organization, which celebrates the best sustainability-oriented projects completed in Canada over the prior two years. The projects are chosen based on their impact across five criteria – impactful, innovative, inspiring, informative and readily imitated.

The Cypher Green Roads program was launched in 2021 to encourage the sharing of best cleantech practices between Cypher Environmental’s global mining clients, and the communities located next to their operations.

Rural road after dust control application by Cypher Environmental

Many chloride-based products used for dust suppression and road stabilization are harmful to the environment, rusting vehicles, destroying infrastructure, polluting groundwater, and requiring tremendous water consumption at a time when drought and water shortage affect so many parts of the world.

In response, Cypher Environmental devised a way for rural communities to benefit from the same cleantech solutions that the major industry users, such as mines, forestry, and energy companies had access to. The Cypher Green Roads program was launched with this objective in mind.

Todd Burns – President and CEO of Cypher Environmental

Through the Cypher Green Roads program, Cypher Environmental donates up to 5% of project values to the local community next door to the mine, in the form of the same product being used by the mine to make their road network more sustainable.

When Cypher’s products are applied to mine roads, they see benefits such as enhanced engineering performance, reduced dust, reduced water consumption, and reduced CO2 production – all benefits that extend to the communities when the products are applied there. For example, see Cypher Green Roads Project in Mali, West Africa (In Partnership with B2Gold).

The cumulative accomplishments of Canada’s Clean50 Top Projects in reducing and avoiding GHGs over the past 2 years adds up to a very big number,” Gavin Pitchford, CEO, Delta Management Group told us. “All Canadians should be grateful for the leadership, innovation and impact these organizations have shown in the projects they have completed.”

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