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“People of the Portal”: Psigryph Inc. named one of Canada’s “top 50 investable cleantech companies”

In our “People of the Portal” series, we highlight innovative and entrepreneurial members of the Cleantech Commons Cleantech Innovation Portal and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Portal members.

This week, we are delighted to let you know that a Cleantech Commons Cleantech Innovation Portal client, Psigryph Inc, has been named to the Foresight 50, which recognizes the country’s top 50 investable cleantech companies.

Psigryph Inc., based in Guelph, Ontario, develops food tech for health and owns Nanopect™, a platform, biodegradable nano delivery system for living cells.Psigryph Inc. is redefining the way bioactive molecules are delivered across the cell membrane. Learn more here!

The company’s patent-pending Nanopect™ nano delivery system can transport large numbers of molecules across cell membranes of plants, animals and humans increasing bioavailability manyfold.

Nanopect™ has a unique ability to deliver bioactive molecules to living cells. These biomolecules include nutrients, cannabinoids, pharmaceuticals, and other biologically important actives. Hence, Nanopect™ technology may be deployed in numerous settings to efficiently deliver an active agent.

Sean Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of Psigryph has extensive Clinical and Business Development experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Nanopect™ is derived from Montmorency sour cherries grown in the Province of Ontario and adjacent Great Lakes States. Montmorency cherries are high in polyphenols and have been reported by many groups to offer multiple benefits to support healthy living.

Psigryph Inc. was founded in 2018 and identified product opportunities in many industries such as Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Cannabis.

Their plant-derived nanostructures and food powders have been researched extensively in the lab and are ready to enter the market.

Psigryph is currently seeking collaborations with other innovative and industry-leading companies to provide technology to improve the health of Humans, Animals, and the Environment.

Interested? For more information, contact Sean Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder at:

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