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Promoting Practical Sustainability Solutions in Peterborough – Cleantech Commons a Founding Member of Green Economy Peterborough

On April 22, 2021 – Earth Day – Cleantech Commons joined a select group of business leaders at the launch of Green Economy Peterborough. Cleantech Commons is a “founding member” of Green Economy Peterborough.

The core focus of this new initiative is to help small a medium-sized companies become more efficient, transition to low-carbon business practices, and become environmentally sustainable.

The Green Economy network is designed to give members access to timely and relevant information, resources, staff capacity, and financial options that will assist them in reducing their emissions, water, and waste.

“Being focused on creating real-world solutions to energy, environment and climate challenges through collaboration between industry, academia, and researchers, our participation in Green Economy Peterborough is a practical way for us to engage with our local community to pursue decarbonization goals,” Cleantech Commons executive director, Martin Yuill, said at the launch.

“Collaboration is at the heart of everything that we do at Cleantech Commons”: executive director, Martin Yuill.

“Collaboration, after all,” Yuill emphasized, “is at the heart of everything that we do at Cleantech Commons.”

As a mission-driven organization that supports transforming research into market and social impact, Cleantech Commons is designed to be fully integrated with both Trent University and the local community.

The Cleantech Commons research park is a partnership between Trent University and the City of Peterborough and is currently under construction.

A key resource that the research park will bring to the green economy initiative is our Cleantech Innovation Portal, which helps to accelerate the impact of innovation in communities by providing access to business opportunities for clean technology companies through a virtual marketplace.

Cleantech Commons – Proudly a Founding Member of Green Economy Peterborough

“Our Cleantech Innovation Portal is designed specifically to support clean, green, low-carbon, and sustainable ventures – connecting them with customers and helping to get their solutions to market more quickly,” says Yuill.

He believes that connecting local SMEs with entrepreneurs in the clean technology sector will have far-reaching economic and financial sustainability implications.

Bringing together these two initiatives is truly a win-win – not only will local businesses get early access to some of the most cutting-edge green innovations, but Canadian sustainability innovators will gain access to market opportunities faster,” he says. “These innovations have the capacity to transform entire economies, local societies, as well as individual lives.”

Peterborough can be much more than just a leading sustainable community in Canada, Yuill believes.

“By being an early adopter of new solutions, we can also become a living laboratory, co-developing and testing innovative practices and technologies to address climate and environmental challenges,” he argues.

You can learn more about the Cleantech Innovation Portal here!