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“The Future of Energy”: showcase your venture to key decision-makers, buyers and investors

Cleantech Commons has teamed up with our friends at AccessIO to offer an opportunity for ventures to participate in an upcoming “Future of Energy” innovation and investor showcase.

Taking place on September 27, 2023, at the Ontario Power Generation Darlington Energy Complex, this event will highlight emerging technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Solutions, NextGen Automation, Immersive Tech (AR/VR), and Cybersecurity.

These are all critical in supporting the energy needs of the future.

Access IO is an exclusive invite-only event series that connects founders, angel investors, and industry experts at no cost.

Want to get your technology in front of key OPG decision-makers, buyers and investors?

The application process is simple. Step one is to submit an expression of intent — once this form is submitted, you’ll receive an email with the second step of the process and be directed to our partner Pitch Score to enter your pitch.

The deadline to apply is Friday, August 18. Click here to submit your application!

Please note: The information collected in this form will be used by the marketing team for Access IO to create your company profile one-pager for circulation at Access IO events. This booklet will be distributed to angel investors that attend Access IO events as well as future angel members, community stakeholders, elected officials, potential customers, and industry experts. So please ensure that the information provided is accurate.


Artificial Intelligence
• Large Language Model — A startup that develops natural language processing technology that enables computers to understand and interpret human language, such as OpenAI’s GPT-3.
• Industrial Computer Vision — A company specializing in computer vision technology that can be applied in factories or warehouses for quality control or monitoring production processes.
• Data Analytics — A startup that develops algorithms and software to analyze large sets of data and provide insights and recommendations for businesses.

Immersive Technologies (VR/AR)
• Training Solutions — A startup that creates VR/AR training modules for employees to learn and gain
skills in a safe and controlled environment.
• Productivity — An app that uses VR/AR technology to visualize and manipulate large sets of data or 3D models of products.
• Office Meetings — A startup that develops VR/AR platforms for remote meetings, allowing participants
to feel as if they are in the same room together.
• Visualization of Industrial Spaces — A company that develops tools to allow people to visualize and
explore industrial facilities through VR/AR technology.

Enterprise Solutions
• Productivity — An app that automates tasks for businesses, such as managing schedules and
tracking expenses.
• Mobile Solutions — A startup that creates mobile apps for managing inventory, tracking employees’
work hours, or scheduling appointments.
• Automation of Repetitive Tasks — A company that develops software bots to automate tasks such as data entry or email responses.

Next-Gen Automation/Operational Technology
• Autonomous Robotics — A startup that builds robots for automating tasks such as cleaning floors or
carrying goods in a warehouse.
• Drone Technologies — A company focusing on developing drone solutions for surveying and
inspecting hard-to-reach areas.
• Security — A startup that develops security software to protect industrial assets from cyber attacks.
• Industrial Inspection Technologies — A company that specializes in supplying inspection technologies, such as non-destructive testing, to industrial sectors.

• A startup specialized in technologies such as firewall, data encryption, or malware prevention solutions that protect enterprises from cyber attacks.

Summary information

Access IO with Ontario Power Generation: The Future of Energy — Digital Technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Solutions, NextGen Automation, Immersive Tech (AR/VR), and Cyber Security

Date: September 27, 2023
Time: 5:30PM to 9:30PM
Location: Darlington Energy Complex, 1855 Energy Dr, Courtice, ON.

Click here to submit your application! The entry deadline is Friday, August 18.