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U.S.-based Solar Biotech acquires future Cleantech Commons tenant, Noblegen: confirms commitment to R&D facility at research park

Following the acquisition, new company Solar Biotech Canada confirms that it is committed to locating its GEN2 R&D facility at the Cleantech Commons research park – with a focus on transforming consumer goods to ensure a sustainable future

Solar Biotech, a U.S. developer and producer of synthetic biology products headquartered in Norton, Virginia, has announced that it has acquired the advanced digital biology company, Peterborough, ON-based Noblegen. The announcement was made on July 25, 2023.

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Solar Biotech is a technology and bioproducts development venture that utilizes biological systems and cutting-edge biomanufacturing technologies to develop and produce synthetic biology (SynBio) products through precision fermentation and state-of-the-art downstream processing technologies.

The goal of the company is to become a global leader, and provider of sustainable, microbial cell-based biomanufacturing technologies and services across different SynBio market segments, including the SynBio FoodTech segment.

Under the terms of the acquisition, Noblegen will now be known as Solar Biotech Canada, with Noblegen’s Canadian operations continuing as the organization’s food-grade-certified (SQF9) biomanufacturing and research & development hub.

The acquisition is designed to take advantage of the strengths the two companies have in the microbiology and biomanufacturing field to offer revolutionary biotech and synthetic biology-based solutions for a wide range of applications.

SolarBiotech Founder, CEO and CTO, Alex Berlin

This acquisition is a significant step for Solar Biotech and its industrial partners since it immediately brings online much-needed capacity and expertise in the biomanufacturing industry,Alex Berlin, CEO of Solar Biotech, and the newly appointed Chairman of Solar Biotech Canada told us.

We are bringing together two innovative companies with complementary intellectual property portfolios and experiences that will help us make a lasting impact on the world.

In addition to its core R&D function, Solar Biotech Canada will leverage its expertise and infrastructure to support early-stage companies in the biotech industry to commercialize their novel products by scaling and optimizing their technologies.

At the core of Solar Biotech Canada is the reality that real solutions to real problems can only be achieved through collaboration and joint efforts,” Mark Iliopoulos, VP of Business & Commercial Operations (Canada), told us.

Through Solar Biotech Canada, we will empower innovation and emerging technologies to market sooner. We encourage companies seeking support in scaling, optimizing, and commercializing their technology to connect with us.”

We are thrilled for the Noblegen team,” says Cleantech Commons executive director Martin Yuill.

This merger not only amplifies their reach and impact but opens many new possibilities for both their planned facilities at Cleantech Commons and future collaboration with Trent’s faculty and students.

Central to the vision of the newly formed SolarBiotech Canada will be the continued development of its “BioNode” facility in Peterborough.

Artist’s impression of SolarBiotech’s proposed BioNode R&D facility at Cleantech Commons research park

This will include Noblegen’s current GEN1 facility, with a total capacity of over 160,000 litres of fermentation and extensive bioprocessing equipment, as well as a new GEN2 facility – with over 2 million litres of fermentation capacity and fully integrated downstream and drying for all types of processes and products from micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts, protozoa, algae, viruses, and eukaryotic cell culture.

Solar Biotech has confirmed that it is committed to locating its GEN2 facility at the Cleantech Commons research park, with which it is currently exploring tenancy options.

Adam Noble, CEO and Founder of Noblegen, now Chief Visionary Officer of Solar Biotech Canada.

With this strategic move, we aim to further accelerate our research and development efforts, focusing on groundbreaking innovations that align with Cleantech Commons’ mission of sustainable technology advancement,” says Adam Noble, CEO and founder of Noblegen and newly appointed Chief Visionary Officer of Solar Biotech Canada.

Noble told Arthur that he continues to see “tremendous potential in combining [Solar Biotech Canada’s] expertise with Cleantech Commons, creating opportunities for synergistic growth and impactful advancements in the cleantech space.” See Noblegen’s Acquisition by Solar Biotech Bolsters Hope for Partnership with Trent’s Cleantech Commons.

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Cleantech Commons is a partnership between Trent University and the City of Peterborough and is currently under construction as a green technology research and innovation park. You can view our progress “from the air” by clicking here!

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About Solar Biotech

Solar Biotech, Inc. is a leading SynBio products and advanced bioprocessing technology development company with a mission to transform the way consumer products are manufactured via advanced bioprocessing technologies, including precision fermentation. The research and development and biomanufacturing facility in Norton, Virginia, has facilitated over the past years the successful introduction of several major products to the SynBio food and beverage and other market segments. Recognizing rising consumer trends for sustainable, traceable, and healthier consumer goods, Solar Biotech is committed to environmentally sound operations to deliver the highest quality SynBio products available worldwide. Solar Biotech is working on the next generation of sustainable bioprocessing technologies to revolutionize the SynBio industry.