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The Evolution of Natural Products in the Animal Health Sector – by “Friend of Cleantech Commons”, Dr. Paul Dick

Over the past few years,” says “Friend of Cleantech Commons™“, Paul Dick & Associates (PDA), “there has been a considerable increase in popularity when it comes to natural health products in the animal health space.”

PDA is a full-service consulting firm for the human and animal health industries.

This trend,” says Dr. Paul Dick, “can be attributed to increasing consumer preferences for non-drug wellness solutions, combined with the fact that veterinarians and livestock producers both are using more of these natural health type products.” See the full article, industry metrics and references here!

On the companion animal side, the market for natural pet products is large and growing.

Natural approaches for pets appeal to consumers for similar reasons as those developed for humans, namely the focus on preventative approaches to maximize health, longevity, mental/ emotional wellbeing, and general quality of life.

On the food animal side, similar trends can be observed.

One of the main drivers towards natural approaches is the worldwide fight against antibiotic resistance, which poses a global threat to the health of humans and animals.

With this, livestock farmers have been required to shift their practices towards reducing or eliminating the use of antibiotics in response not only to pressures from governmental authorities and health organizations but also due to a significant rise in consumer demand for organic and antibiotic-free meat and meat products.

In Canada, natural health products that are administered in an oral dosage form, and not via the feed, for companion and food animals are classified as “Veterinary Health Products” (VHPs) and are regulated by Health Canada’s VHP Notification Program.

VHPs assist in maintaining optimal health and well being and present a low risk to the target species.

VHPs may include vitamins, minerals, botanicals, traditional medicines and homeopathic medicines with a history of safe use.

In Canada, natural health products administered by feed to food animals, as gut modifiers, are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

If you or your company are currently looking to define/ confirm a market for a potential VHP product; establish a Canadian/ global regulatory pathway for such a product; develop and complete a development plan; or ultimately commercialize a VHP for companion or food animals in Canada/ global markets; PDA will be pleased to assist you.

Please reach out to Kate Pecora, Executive Coordinator at for additional information, or feel free to visit PDA’s website at to see their full-service offering.

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