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Cleantech Commons highlighted in 2019 year-end media

Cleantech Commons received several positive media reviews at the end of 2019.

In an Editorial published on December 09, Peterborough Examiner writes that “Cleantech Commons is based on ‘green’ expertise that already exists at Trent and is well on the way to having real, job-producing tenants.” Read the full Editorial here!

Peterborough This Week: December 27, 2019

In a December 27 “Analysis”, Peterborough This Week argues that while 2020 “will be a rough year for Peterborough”, Cleantech Commons “could help put Peterborough on the map as a hub for green technologies“. Read the full Analysis here!

In its December 2019 edition, Water Canada Magazine writes that Cleantech Commons offers “a unique and picturesque location adjacent to the main campus of Trent University.

Cleantech Commons, Water Canada says, “is designed to be a point of convergence for academic and industry partners driving innovation in water technology, contaminant analysis, agro-biotechnology, and biomaterials.

Cleantech Commons has also been credited as an important factor in the improved sustainability ranking of Trent University.

(Trent’s reputation as a world-leading environmental university was highlighted when it was named among the top 100 most sustainable university campuses around the world in the 2019 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. Read more about that here!)

Cleantech Commons executive director, Martin Yuill, says that the cleantech research and innovation park “will fall in line with Trent’s environmentally-friendly identity”.

Cleantech Commons executive director, Martin Yuill, says that the Peterborough-based clean  & green technology research and innovation park at Trent University “will fall in line with Trent’s environmentally-friendly identity”.

Speaking to CHEX Newswatch in mid-December, Yuill emphasizes that Cleantech Commons tenants “will be expected to adhere to sustainable design, green building principles and environmentally-friendly operations at Cleantech Commons”Watch that interview here!

According to Yuill: “by bringing together big-thinking problem solvers, state-of-the-art resources, specialized technical facilities and innovation programming to inspire and drive collaboration & next-generation cleantech startups, Cleantech Commons is designed to be a catalyst for clean, green and low-carbon innovation.”

“Cleantech Commons will provide customized services and targeted value to ventures whose goal it is to create new solutions and leverage new technologies to solve the world’s energy, environment and climate challenges,” he says.