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“Cleantech Innovation Portal” innovator, Noblegen, ‘The most sustainable option in the food industry…’, says Food Navigator

In a world increasingly seeking both sustainability and solutions to the global food crisis, Noblegen is a young company driven by a vision to promote healthy lives and a healthy world.

That is why Noblegen is working to “reinvent the future” and restore health and balance to the planet: from meat and dairy analogues to vegan fats that can replace palm oil or butter to non-consumables.

Adam Noble, CEO and Founder of Noblegen

A Cleantech Commons “Cleantech Innovation Portal” innovator, Noblegen is also a “Future Cleantech Commons™ Tenant”.

The company has now been named ‘The most sustainable option in the food industry…’ by Food Navigator. You can read the full story here!

Noblegen is a Peterborough, Ontario-based biotech and cleantech nutritional ingredient research and development company. Click here to read “Why Noblegen thinks one-celled euglena is the ingredient of the future”.

Noblegen will soon be launching a $500m “Series C” financing round to commercialize a suite of ingredients made from the ancient microbe euglena gracilis, which can produce what Food Navigator calls, “everything from proteins that behave like animal proteins, to beta-glucans, that can replace methylcellulose and titanium dioxide… all without genetic engineering.”

Recently, Noblegen was awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label in recognition of the company’s mission to help create a balanced ecosystem by solving the environmental and nutritional challenges of the global food system.

Noblegen’s game-changing plant-based ingredient platform was recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation as an affordable and efficient solution to the Global Food Crisis. See that article here!

And shortly before that, Noblegen was nominated as a 2020 “FoodTech 500” finalist by FoodForwarding.

Inspired by the Fortune 500, the FoodTech 500 is the world’s first definitive list of the global entrepreneurial talent at the intersection between food, technology, and sustainability. Read more here!

See also: “Peterborough’s Noblegen uses euglena to make vegan products.”

Congratulations to the entire Noblegen team on all your successes to date.