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“Cleantech Innovation Portal” innovator, Noblegen, a “FoodTech 500” Finalist

FoodForwarding, which presents the FoodTech 500, has nominated a “Future Cleantech Commons™ Tenant,” Noblegen, as one of its 2020 “FoodTech 500” finalists.

Disclosure: Noblegen is registered on our Cleantech Innovation Portal. You can join Noblegen on the portal by registering your cleantech innovation here.

Adam Noble, CEO and Founder of Noblegen

Inspired by the Fortune 500, the FoodTech 500 is the world’s first definitive list of the global entrepreneurial talent at the intersection between food, technology, and sustainability.

According to Forbes, the FoodTech industry is predicted to hit $250 billion by 2022.

Noblegen is an advanced nutritional ingredient company. Check out the official FoodTech 500 here!

At the end of 2020, Food Navigator, which provides news & analysis on food & beverage development, identified Noblegen, as one of its “Food Tech Company To Watch in 2021“.

You can see that full story here!

About Noblegen
Noblegen is an advanced nutritional ingredients company that makes unique protein, carbohydrate, and oil ingredients from a single microorganism called Euglena gracilis. Noblegen, founded in 2013, is dedicated to increasing global accessibility of sustainably produced, healthy ingredients. The company currently employs over 80 people at its Peterborough, Ontario location. To request a sample of our Protein-Rich Euglena Flour or Euglena Beta-Glucan Isolate visit