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Two Cleantech Commons “Cleantech Innovation Portal” clients win big – Bio Graphene Solutions and Psigryph Inc. accepted into GreenCentre Canada’s “Advance-ON” Program

Recently, in our “People of the Portal” series we put the spotlight on two Portal companies, Bio Graphene Solutions and Psigryph Inc., both of which were featured in Canada’s “top 50 investable cleantech companies” list.

Well, now we can add to their list of notable achievements. Both ventures have been accepted into the latest cohort of GreenCentre Canada‘s “Advance-ON” program. Congratulations!

GreenCentre Canada is a Cleantech Commons “Program Partner“.

Cleantech Commons executive director, Martin Yuill with GreenCentre Canada CEO, Andrew Pasternak.

Partnerships are key to adding value to cleantech companies,” says Martin Yuill, Cleantech Commons executive director.

“Our collaboration with GreenCentre Canada increases the support that Cleantech Commons is able to provide to current clients, to future Cleantech Commons tenants, as well as to faculty, students, and researchers looking to increase the impact of their research in the market.”

“Through our various Program and Knowledge Partnerships,” says Yuill, “we are contributing to a more robust clean technology ecosystem that enables academic and entrepreneurial collaboration to drive discovery and innovation for a greener future.”

The Program Partnership between Cleantech Commons and GreenCentre Canada is designed to accelerate the development of innovative, green, and sustainable solutions that address large energy, environmental, and climate challenges.

This partnership sees Cleantech Commons and GreenCentre Canada working together to identify opportunities to jointly support the development, testing, piloting, and scaling of innovative clean technology products, processes, and solutions that directly address some of today’s most complex and pressing environmental and societal challenges.

David Fisher, Co-Founder & CEO, Bio Graphene Solutions

Bio Graphene Solutions

BGS is a sustainable manufacturer and supplier of consistent, high-quality graphene from non-graphite source materials via a proprietary thermal-mechanical production process.

The company converts 100% organic material (biochar) via an eco-friendly process and manufactures graphene for use across numerous applications, primarily focusing on the concrete and asphalt industries.

Psigryph Inc.

Sean Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of Psigryph

Psigryph Inc. develops food tech for health and owns Nanopect™, a platform, biodegradable nano delivery system for living cells. Psigryph Inc. is redefining the way bioactive molecules are delivered across the cell membrane.

The company’s patent-pending Nanopect™ nano delivery system can transport large numbers of molecules across cell membranes of plants, animals and humans increasing bioavailability manyfold.

Providing technical support for cleantech SMEs

The Advance-ON Program is an initiative that provides high-value services to ventures in the sustainable chemistry and advanced materials sectors, driving their early-stage innovations to market faster so their businesses can raise the investment they need to scale and grow.

The successful applicants to this competitive program receive a project with access to GreenCentre’s full suite of services at no cost to themselves.

By March 31, 2024, the Advance-ON program will have helped 34 cleantech startups with specialized technical projects completed in GreenCentre Canada’s labs. This support will drive their early-stage innovations to market faster.

About GreenCentre Canada

Located in Kingston, Ontario, GreenCentre Canada supports the growth of chemical and materials companies by transforming their innovations into valued products, processes, and services.

GreenCentre Canada’s mission is to accelerate promising chemistry solutions that advance both the economy and the environment through two state-of-the-art lab facilities and a team that includes highly experienced chemists, commercial experts, and business professionals who work closely with a network of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, and researchers.

Cleantech Innovation Portal

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